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Under the Southern Sycamores

Dream with me...

6 February 1978
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All our stories are being written everyday...one word, expression and motion at a time...


Just call me Kris

Being 32 I've outgrown quite a few of my childhood preoccupation while steadily clinging to others.

Other things about Me:

*I'm a tad OCD and quite neurotic.
*When writing I always have music blasting in earphones or headset.
*I write by whim...outline? what is this outline you soeak of?
*I put out traps but the plotbunnies get through anyhow.
*I have a great relationship to the imaginary people in my head.
*I do references both subtle and blatant to popculture

Why I created this journal:

Writing out stories is something I love and have done so since I was a child. I recently lost parts of older stories that I had posted online elsewhere, as well as some stories that I had co-oped with another lj author. That's life. As always, purgings (if intentional or not) are times that allow for growth and renewed vigor. With that concept in mind, I'm starting this new writing journal.

What you may find here: Original Fiction and Fanfiction as well. I write for various fandoms and do accept requests on occasion.

Genres I write: comedy, horror, paranormal, fantasy, science fiction, and romance generally finds its way into my fictions whether intentional or not.

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